Bhumija Film Details

The film "Bhoomija" which is produced by Madhuratan Mishra, co-producer Ratnesh Chaturvedi, director Ajith Kumar and co-directorial role Ganesh (Nepal) along with actress Sameera (Dubai) is going on successfully with a lull in its preparation, which is the future of tomorrow. The film will be a befitting reply to the attacks of irrational orthodox tradition and so called mentally deranged anti-social elements on women prevailing in the society. Basically this film "Bhoomija" protects the honor and pride of women and gives a positive message to the society. Manu had said - 'Yatra naryastu pujyante ramante tatra devata' means where women are looked upon with respect, there men are automatically counted in the category of deities. The film "Bhumija" is a supporter and symbol of this thinking. If seen, even today the women of our country, irrespective of the society or caste they belong to, are helpless, poor and victims of masculine mentality in one way or the other, in which one concrete reason is the irrational tradition and orthodoxy prevailing in the society for centuries. being abused mentally and physically. Even today, in many parts of our country, religious ostentation, orthodox thoughts, traditional social rites, all together have created such an environment of darkness around Indian life, there is a social movement against such exploitation, the film 'Bhoomija' which is in the sleeping consciousness. Will make an effort to breathe life so that our society and its thinking becomes free and free from the old anti-feminist conservative ideas. In this regard, women will also have to pay attention to the statement of Swami Vivekananda, he had said- 'It is impossible for women to come forward for their own development'. In the end, I would only say that your cooperation, affection and blessings are expected for the success and significance of this film. Thank you .।.

Even today, in any village of any state of the country, under the orthodox tradition Talibani law, women's respect is being blown up by being a victim of Panchayati law with the consent of the villagers, which is a shameful, condemnable and unthinkable thing for the 21st century. The subject is about such true incidents Producer Madhu Ratan Mishra, Ratnesh Chaturvedi and Director Ajith Kumar along with co-director Bhumika Ganesh is busy in the production of his upcoming film "BHUMIJA". "BHUMIJA" is not only a film, but it is an awareness, a movement, a campaign against such a practice that defies the 21st century, against such a conservative tradition that has left women as puppets and Those women are internally helpless in front of the inhuman Talibani law made by men. The Hindi film "Bhumija" is getting a lot of appreciation from the country and abroad, due to which the producer director is very excited and they believe that this film will end that evil practice and force the people of the so called villages of the affected state to think and Will give birth to a new healthy tradition which will bring a positive change in the direction and condition of the affected women but this will be possible only when this film is released and you will get all the affection, love and blessings. VISIT US :- Thank you ।

The womb of a woman is the first house of any man and the man ignores it and gives the market to the woman who is the mother of a man. If seen among the gods and goddesses, the goddess is the only one whom we worship, whether it is Lakshmi, Durga. Be it Saraswati or Savitri or any other. Despite all this, only women are harassed in our country, why? We have destroyed the beds of sati-practice, but when will we be able to give freedom to women from the prevalent evils, neurotic mentality, irrational orthodox traditions in the society? Producer Madhu Ratan Mishra, Ratnesh Chaturvedi and director Ajith Kumar and co-director Bhumika Ganesh (Nepal) as well as actress Sameera (Dubai; UAE)'s upcoming film "Bhoomija" is a scathing attack on such burning traditions. It's running loudly. With the aim and goal of this film, positive feedback and suggestions of people are being received continuously on its website not only at the national level but also at the international level, your suggestions and cooperation are also expected. The producer director of this film is committing atrocities on women in their country, whether it is under the guise of religion or under the guise of orthodox traditions or under the neurotic mentality of some so called anti-social elements in the society. "Bhumija". We not only hope but have full faith that on the release of this film, "Bhoomija" will always be remembered for the freedom of honor and respect of women, but this is impossible without the cooperation of you audience.।.

Freedom for any country is such an emotional aspect which we feel with our feelings rather than expressing it with words. The struggle of our ancestors got us free from the slavery of the British, as a result of which we are taking the fragrance of freedom in free Fiza and living with ease in the shade of free India, but are we really free mentally? Are the women of our country safe? Have we got our irrational orthodox tradition to liberate the women of our country from these so called fetters? The answer is no. If seen, even today we have not been able to free or liberate the honor, respect and prestige of women from our mythological orthodox tradition and some so-called mentally deranged so-called anti-social elements. Such orthodox traditions are rampant due to which the women there are distressed and frustrated and on the other hand Nirbhaya is insecure in her country and is seeking justice and dreaming of her freedom, our character " Bhumija " is worried about all these things. , upset and frustrated. There is a voice against such frustrations, wrong and irrational traditions and anti-social elements, the film "Bhoomija" is coming very soon, Producer Madhuratna Mishra, Ratnesh Chaturvedi and director Ajith Kumar with co-director Bhumika Ganesh (Nepal) and actress Sameera , Dubai (UAE). For specific information visit our website www. bhumija. Join in where we would warmly welcome your suggestions. Thank you .

Once again the verse of 'Gita' was translated in which Lord Krishna had said- "Yada yada hi dharmasya glarnibhavati Bharat. Abhyutthanam dharmasya tadatmanam srijamayam. Paritranaya Sadhunam Vinashaya Cha Dushkritam. Dharmasasthapanatharya Sambhavami Yuge Yuge. That is, when there is a loss of religion, unrighteousness increases, then Krishna incarnates in one form or the other to restore the religion. Today, not only in India but in many countries of the world, women's atrocities are prevalent in one form or the other, in which a burning problem is rape. For many years, the soul of 'Nirbhaya' was worried and pleading for justice. Somewhere the hope of her mother 'Asha' was from the temple court of justice and her priest judge and this positive hope and faith of her daughter 'Nirbhaya' gave peace and peace to the wandering soul. The temple court of justice of the country and its equitable priest, Judge Shri J. Mohan and daughter 'Nirbhaya', salutes "Bhumija" to the advocate Mrs. Seema Kushwaha, who raised her legal voice in the court, due to which "Nirbhaya" got justice. And "Bhumija" won. "Nirbhaya" was not only the daughter of Asha Devi, but she was the daughter of Mother India, the daughter of every household, the "Bhumija" of every household. The court has given constitutional strength to the power of "Bhumija" of "every household" by giving death sentence to the rapists of "Nirbhaya". In the coming tomorrow, very soon, for the honor, respect and prestige of women, Madhuratna Mishra, co-producer Ratnesh Chaturvedi, co-producer of the film "Bhoomija", co-director role Ganesh (Nepal) The actors of this film are bringing the entire "Bhoomija" family. There are such burning issues, conservative traditions and social problems through the film "Bhumija". Ajith Kumar is the director of this film